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Nisha Raj Pandita: Hello friends, I’m Nisha, the person behind the scenes here. I’m basically obsessed with coffee—like, it’s my favorite thing ever. It all started with one amazing cup that made me realize there’s a whole world of coffee out there just waiting to be explored.

So, on this blog, I’m spilling the beans (pun totally intended) on everything coffee-related. From how to brew the perfect cup to cool coffee spots I’ve discovered on my travels, I’m sharing it all.

But this blog isn’t just about me—it’s about all of us coffee lovers coming together. So, grab your favorite mug, pour yourself a cup, and let’s chat about all things coffee!

Sumit Thakur: Hello Friends, I am Sumit, the tech mind behind this blog and also the tea lover.  I’ve always had a thing for tea—there’s just something so soothing about a warm cup that makes everything better.

My journey with tea started way back when, with a simple cup that sparked a lifelong fascination. Since then, I’ve been on a mission to uncover the wonderful world of tea, from its origins in distant lands to the incredible variety of flavors and aromas waiting to be discovered.

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